Advanced Care Clinic

Advanced Care Clinic

Beebe Healthcare's Advanced Care Clinic


Beebe's Advanced Care Clinic serves as a bridge for patients discharged from a hospital or rehab who require physician follow-up within 7-14 days, but do not have a local provider, do not have insurance, or cannot secure an appointment with their provider within that time frame.  Discharged patients include those seen in the emergency room, observation, or inpatient admissions, and post-hospital rehab/SNF stays. 

The clinic is staffed by care coordinators, a nurse practitioner, and a licensed clinical social worker who serve as the next stop after hospitalization for up to a 30- day time frame. The clinic's mission is to make sure all patients' needs are being met and follow-up services are coordinated in a timely manner.

Who to refer to the Advanced Care Clinic

  • Patients > 18 years old
  • Patients who were discharged from a local hospital or physical rehabilitation center within 14 days 
  • Patients who require a physician follow-up after discharge who do not have a Primary Care Physician, do not have insurance, or cannot be seen by there Primary Care Physician within the recommended time frame

Who not to refer to the Advanced Care Clinic

  • Patients who cannot get into a physician practice who have not been hospitalized; we are not a walk in or urgent care center
  • Patients hospitalized > than 14 days ago
  • Pre-op, workman's compensation, or motor vehicle accident patients


To refer to Beebe Healthcare's Advanced Care Clinic, call 302-645-3150

Beebe Advanced Care Clinic

32060 Long Neck Road

Millsboro, DE 19966


Advance Care Clinic